“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” - George Bernard Shaw

Paul Simon Wheeler is a geologist and photographer who has achieved competition success and publication of his work worldwide; through books, magazines and calendars.  He has achieved success in many international competitions such as the British Landscape Photographer of the Year and also the International Photographer of the year.  He has also been commissioned to create images for music album covers and is a regular contributor to various photographic stock libraries such as Getty images. His experience as a geologist has created a unique body of work artistically portraying his connection with the physical landscape and its evolution.  The combination of geology and photography has taken Paul to locations throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Continental Europe, North Africa, Southern Asia and Australasia.  Paul’s experience includes working with medium and large format film cameras and subsequent processing; particularly specialising in monochrome and lith printing techniques. Paul is also adept at working with a purely digital workflow; amassing nearly 30 years of experience in the photographic arts.   Paul has been exhibiting, lecturing, judging and running workshops for individual clients and groups internationally for over 12 years. is a portfolio of collections combining Paul’s inquisitive interest in geology and the physical landscape, with his passion for the photographic arts.

All the images on this site are for sale as prints, printed as Giclee on Fine Art paper or C-Type prints where appropriate.  Many images are limited edition.   If you would like to purchase or enquire about any of the images please contact Paul via the Contact form

Photographers Statement

I grew up in the United Kingdom and was introduced to photography at the age of 10 by my grandfather and he showed me the process of film and print development in the traditional darkroom. I will never forget that first moment of watching the magic of an image appear in a tray of liquid under a dim red light. The ability to control light within a scene to provide mood and feeling; I could use photography as a tool to convey emotions and expressions. I had discovered my art form.  I relocated from the UK to New Zealand in 2013 to explore the diverse and beautiful landscape that this little corner of the planet has to offer. 

My interest and fascination in the shape and form of the landscape led me to explore environments such as the coast, mountains, or other areas of wild beauty. Before too long the boundary between my inquisitive interest in geology and geological processes became blurred with my desire to artistically record them, and to this day I am not sure whether it was my fascination with geology that led me in to photography or my interest in photography that led me into the landscape. What I do know is that I love these places; mountains, beaches, forests and meadows and the way that water in the form of rivers, streams, lakes and the sea interact with them. The interaction between man and the landscape is also an interesting facet; whether it is man trying to eek out an existence or nature reclaiming back what is hers; recycling the planets resources.

For many years I continued with the traditional 'wet' processes and the sense of 'magic' has stayed with me ever since and even now I have a purely digital workflow, I still value the importance, beauty and quality of a fine photographic print; the ability to hold an image within your hands and admire the texture, richness and depth of a print gives the image an extra dimension - a life and soul.

Paul Simon Wheeler - November 2015


Great workshop, provided an all encompassing introduction to long exposure photography, and the processing required to produce a winning image. Thank you." - Tom Sullam, London

"Fantastic workshop with great content, Paul is a very patient guy and willing to cover the same subject however many times it takes for it to sink in.  Always full of positive comments as well as constructive critique/feedback about my images which is so vital to the learning experience and curve!" - Jeremy Sargent, Southampton

"I had a great day with Paul, who shared his Photoshop skills with me and has show me a way forward with my processing and photography". - Spencer Brown, Bournemouth

"Best part for me was the black and white processing, really interesting".  "Really good stuff, you gave a lot during the day and it was a good laugh". - Matt Clark, Bristol

"I enjoyed the workshop enormously and got far more out of it than I have in previous workshops.  I was strongly motivated by your passion and enthusiasm for photography and would definitely want to do another workshop soon!". - Karen Knightly, West Byfleet

"The day was amazing, the tutors were so knowledgeable and structured. It was the best workshop I have ever been on. Location was great and had been planned well, the afternoon was full of helpful information regarding post processing. My shots were the best I have ever taken. Cannot wait to attend the next workshop.". - Sharon Jones, West Sussex 

"...heartfelt thank you for your inspiring presentation at Cheltenham Camera Club - it was great to listen to a reflective and imaginative photographer talking about his brilliant and original images.". - Michael Krier, Chairman - Cheltenham Camera Club